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Articles from 2007-2010 on Powertech Uranium Corp. and in-situ leach uranium mining

Updated April 23, 2011



EPA issues final underground injection permit for disposal of aquifer pump test water; Permit is subject to appeal; Colorado mining regulators must hire third-party expert to oversee and monitor pump test, and issues regarding storage tank history, freeze protection, and financial bonding must be resolved before pump test can be conducted -  Posted December 18, 2010


Did Powertech dump radioactive water on pasture land near a stream bed?  Documents indicate ground water with potentially elevated uranium and radium was discharged during "confidential" Weld County pump tests in 2007 and 2008 - Posted October 28, 2010




Is the Centennial Project on hold?  Posted October 14, 2010, Updated October 18, 2010


Trust me.....(Ryan Warner speaks with Dick Blubaugh) - Posted June 30, 2010


Texas uranium mining experts admit that groundwater cannot be returned to baseline after exploration and mining - Uranium Energy Corp. vice president and consultant testify under oath that failure to restore uranium levels in aquifers to baseline is common practice; UEC's chief operating officer concedes that "they've known for a long time that you can't return it back" to baseline - May 4, 2010


Baseline plan: Not scientifically defensible - Opponents blast deficient baseline characterization plan for Centennial uranium project; Geochemist says plan fails to use valid statistical methods and will not yield representative groundwater samples

Posted November 22, 2009


Lawmakers Want Public Input On Colorado Uranium Mine - November 30, 2009


Mining project needs more objective review - John S. Dixon, Fort Collins Coloradoan - October 4, 2009 (response to Wallace Mays)


U.S NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION: In-situ leach uranium mining affects groundwater quality when leaching solutions travel beyond well field boundaries - Recent NRC document describes horizontal and vertical excursions at ISL mines in Wyoming and Nebraska, some lasting for as long as 8 years - Posted September 13, 2009


WHISTLEBLOWER:  Former Texas ISL wellfield operator speaks out - Did Powertech CEO Richard Clement's former employer violate environmental laws and endanger groundwater users?

Posted September 8, 2009, Updated September 9, 2009


NUNN TOWN BOARD VOTES TO OPPOSE CENTENNIAL PROJECT - Posted September 3, 2009, Updated September 4, 2009


Mining opponents pack Nunn meeting - August 12, 2009


POWERTECH DRILLING CREW LEAVES OPEN BOREHOLE, VIOLATES STATE WATER LAW - Open hole discovered on May 1, 2009 by inspector from Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety; inspection report released two months later - Posted July 6, 2009


Report on proposed aquifer pump test on Section 33 - Posted May 16, 2009, Updated June 28, 2009


Report on C.A.R.D. presentation on the Centennial Project - Posted February 12, 2009


U.S. Dept. of Energy plans to sell 50 million pounds of excess uranium in next ten years - Yearly sales to exceed total amount of uranium mined in U.S. in 2007; political "full-court press" by uranium mining industry fails to stop DOE action; Powertech backs group opposed to DOE plans, touts U.S energy independence while agreeing to sell uranium to Belgian firm; Powertech chairman contracts to sell uranium to government of India - Posted January 7, 2009


Atomic Energy Act may prohibit a foreign company from operating ISL mines - Nuclear Regulatory Commission to make determination in Nebraska mine license renewal case; national security issues to be considered; decision could affect Powertech and the Centennial Project - Posted November 26, 2008, Updated November 28, 2008


Powertech releases financial statements, delays Centennial Project permitting - Can Powertech submit South Dakota permit applications and attract more equity capital before running out of cash? - Posted November 22, 2008, Updated/Corrected November 25, 2008


Uranium price crash begins to take its toll - Uranium Resources Inc. begins shutting down Texas ISL wellfields; profit margins are squeezed; company expects production and exploration to cease entirely by April 2009 unless uranium prices recover - Posted November 14, 2008


Report by hydrogeologist finds Texas in-situ uranium mines have been unable to restore ground water aquifers to premining water quality - State regulators routinely approve leaving higher uranium levels in ground water; author questions mine operators' scientific understanding of aquifers - Posted October 24, 2008, Updated March 30, 2009


Powertech and other uranium stocks headed lower due to hedge fund sell-offs and credit crisis - Investment strategist says stay away from uranium mining companies; suggests uranium price could fall below $25 a pound; selling price could drop below cost of production - Posted October 12, 2008


"Most comprehensive report ever compiled" on ISL uranium mine restoration shows water is worse than before mining started at most mines - Texas County sues mining company over threat to ground water; county attorney claims baseline water testing is faulty -

Posted September 23, 2008


RESOLUTION REDUX:  Governing bodies of Fort Collins, Greeley, Wellington, Timnath, and Ault come out forcefully against in-situ leach and open pit uranium mining in northern Colorado - For the first time, five local government resolutions are published in one place - Posted September 21, 2008


HOLD ON!  Powertech shares plummet 14% on Toronto Stock Exchange, 16% on Frankfurt - $58.8 million CAD of shareholder value wiped out in less than 15 weeks - Posted September 16, 2008


Texas in-situ leach uranium mines failed to restore ground water to premining condition - Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission agendas from 1990s reveal that relaxing water cleanup standards is routine - Posted September 7, 2008


After in-situ uranium leaching, ground water cannot be returned to the way it was - Nuclear Regulatory Commission official and uranium mining executive acknowledge restoration of aquifer to baseline is unachievable - Posted September 3, 2008


HOUSE BILL 1161 RULEMAKING IMMINENT - C.A.R.D. needs donations to hire experts; Powertech and Colorado Mining Association expected to attempt to weaken rules - Posted August 27, 2008


Powertech releases first quarter financial results - Zero operating revenue; $1 million in stock options paid to officers and directors; cash burn rate is $1.1 million per month; only $7.8 million cash left at June 30 - Posted August 24, 2008


Powertech refuses to lift veil of secrecy over exploratory drilling - State regulators hold up approval of June 24 NOI, request that more details be made public; Powertech news release fails to mention dispute with state over confidentiality - Posted August 16, 2008


DRILLING BEGINS ON SECTION 9 - No evidence of approval by state, no announcement by Powertech, drillers can't produce permit -

Posted August 1, 2008, Updated August 4, 2008


Powertech looking for more uranium in troubled Centennial Project - Company files Notice of Intent to drill eight uranium exploration boreholes and two ground water monitoring wells; Colorado mining regulators find notice to be incomplete; will NOI be approved despite problems with 2007 exploration drilling? - Posted July 27, 2008, Updated July 29, 2008


Canadian province bans uranium exploration and mining in certain areas - New Brunswick prohibits "uranium exploration and extraction in designated watersheds and well fields, as well as in villages, towns and cities" - Posted July 7, 2008


Canadian uranium mining firm cited by State of Wyoming for numerous environmental and safety violations - Strathmore Resources violated exploration permit; company failed to protect groundwater aquifer and safety of public and wildlife - Posted July 2, 2008


Powertech releases fiscal year 2008 financial statements - Canadian company ends year with only $1.4 in working capital, no mining revenue, and $18.7 million of accumulated losses; report includes warning that House Bill 1161 could "affect the profitability of the Centennial Project" - Posted June 26, 2008, Updated July 3, 2008


Powertech wants to mine uranium in aquifer used for drinking water by thousands of Weld County residents - New map shows hundreds of domestic and agricultural wells in close proximity to mining area; well data from Colorado Division of Water Resources - Posted June 16, 2008, Updated June 19, 2008


AULT TOWN BOARD OPPOSES IN-SITU URANIUM MINING IN NORTHERN COLORADO - Vote is unanimous on resolution urging all federal, state, and county agencies to deny any and all permits - Posted June 10, 2008, Updated June 13, 2008 


Powertech sells off part of company to European multinational corporation - Canadian firm to get $9 million cash injection from Societe Belge De Combustibles Nucleaires Synatom SA, a subsidiary of Electrabel/SUEZ Group - Posted June 3, 2008


News release by CSU professor provides more details about uranium mining survey - "This study not only confirms the common wisdom that public opinion is against the proposed mining operation, but also gives an indication of the strength of this opposition" - Posted May 29, 2008


Mining project opponents are more credible and trustworthy than Powertech, according to CSU survey of northern Colorado residents -

84% believe risks associated with uranium mining in area outweigh benefits; 4 out of 5 say mining issue will affect voting choices - Posted May 25, 2008, Updated May 26, 2008


HOUSE BILL 1161 IS LAW - Governor Bill Ritter signs bill at Capitol ceremony; Governor and legislators praise grassroots campaign by CARD and bipartisan efforts to pass bill; legislation touted as model for other states - Posted May 20, 2008, Updated May 21, 2008


Powertech VP Richard Blubaugh's experience with water contamination from uranium milling - The Atlas tailings pile saga - Updated May 17, 2008


Federal appeals court judges skeptical of New Mexico ISL uranium mining proposal - Hydro Resources Inc. was formerly run by Powertech CEO Richard Clement; after 14 years company still waits for approval to mine - Posted May 17, 2008


GOVERNOR RITTER TO SIGN HB-1161 ON TUESDAY - Bill to become Colorado law May 20, Next step: rulemaking process to draft detailed regulations - Posted May 15, 2008, Updated May 16, 2008


Hundreds of domestic water wells surround the Centennial Project - Map shows proximity of wells to proposed ISL uranium mining - Posted May 11, 2008


SUCCESS! - HB-1161 wins final legislative approval and is sent to Governor Ritter; House approves Senate amendments and reaffirms bill - Posted May 5, 2008


32 to 2 - SENATE PASSES HB-1161 ON FINAL READING - Posted May 2, 2008


HB-1161 APPROVED BY SENATE ON SECOND READING - Senator Steve Johnson stands tall against efforts by Senators Wiens and Renfroe to gut bill; weakening amendments soundly rejected - Posted April 30, 2008, Updated May 1, 2008


ACTION ALERT: Colorado Senate to vote on HB-1161 - Senator Wiens expected to offer amendment to weaken bill; emails and phone calls needed - Posted April 27, 2008, Updated April 29, 2008


IT'S UNANIMOUS! - Appropriations Committee approves HB-1161 on 10-0 vote; Land and Water Stewardship Act sent to full Senate - Posted April 25, 2008, Updated April 26, 2008


ACTION ALERT:  Senate Appropriations Committee to hear HB-1161 on Friday - Emails and phone calls needed to ensure passage - Posted April 23, 2008


Senate Local Government Committee unanimously approves HB-1611 - Bill shepherded through committee by Democrat Bob Bacon and Republican Steve Johnson; Powertech brings out big guns to no avail - Posted April 17, 2008, Updated April 18, 2008


Greeley City Council opposes uranium mining proposal - Powertech's Centennial Project now formally opposed by Greeley, Fort Collins, Wellington, and Timnath - Posted April 17, 2008


HB-1161, the "Land and Water Stewardship Act," to be introduced in Colorado Senate on Thursday - Supporters urged to contact Senators and attend hearing at Capitol - Posted April 15, 2008


WELLINGTON TRUSTEES VOTE 7-0 TO OPPOSE URANIUM MINING PLAN - Companion resolution passed to support HB-1161; Congresswoman Musgrave sends letter to trustees urging careful examination of project's impacts on residents; Powertech a no show

Posted April 8, 2008, updated April 14, 2008


Wellington Board of Trustees to consider uranium mining resolutions - One resolution expresses opposition to Centennial Project, the other support for HB-1161 - Posted April 5, 2008, Updated April 7, 2008


Marostica "very comfortable" with uranium mining - Loveland politician sees no need for HB-1161 provision setting higher standards for ground water restoration; did he accuse opponents of falsifying petitions? - Posted April 3, 2008, Updated April 4, 2008


Navajo President to U.S. Congress: Navajo Nation will not allow in situ uranium leach mining on tribal land - "The science on this process is, at best, inconclusive, and, at worst, points to increased radioactive contaminants in the groundwater after the mining operations cease." - Posted April 1, 2008


ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO - HB-1161 gains final House approval on lopsided 49-16 vote and heads to Senate; Loveland Representative Marostica argues for uranium leach mining, insults Musgrave - Posted March 31, 2008, Updated April 1, 2008


HB-1161 passes second reading in Colorado House of Representatives - Powertech CEO Richard Clement declares support for ground water protection but objects to "burdens" imposed by bill - Posted March 29, 2008


"Model" Wyoming in situ uranium mining operation cited for multiple permit violations - Cameco Corporation, a Canadian company, is world's largest uranium producer; Wyoming regulators note "inordinate number of spills, leaks and other releases", "low level of corporate commitment" to environmental issues, and "groundwater restoration not a high priority" - Posted March 27, 2008, Updated March 29, 2008


Governor Ritter backs HB-1161 - Colorado governor joins effort to protect valuable ground water from in situ leaching of uranium - Posted March 26, 2008


Denver Post supports passage of HB-1161 - Bill will "ensure that the water supplies vital to agriculture and municipal use aren't sacrificed in a new mining boom" - Posted March 22, 2008


Domestic wells in vicinity of uranium exploration drilling have "alarming" levels of radiation according to Texas ground water district - Goliad County files lawsuit against Uranium Energy Corp.; Powertech doing similar exploratory drilling in Weld County - Posted March 19, 2008


Salazar: EPA has not assured me that risks to ground water from in situ leach mining are understood - Senator makes statement during committee hearing; points out that Powertech's project area is near population of 300,000 - Posted March 15, 2008


HB-1161 sails through House Appropriations Committee on 10-2 vote - Ground water protection bill sent to full House - Posted March 14, 2008


Colorado Legislative Council releases report on fiscal impact of HB-1161 - Cost of implementing ground water protection bill estimated at less than $30,000 per year - Posted March 10, 2008


Timnath Town Council calls on EPA, State of Colorado, and Weld County to "deny any and all permits" to Powertech Uranium Corp. - Fast-growing town just south of the Centennial project believes mining would do irreparable harm to its economy and environment - Posted March 4, 2008


Texas county intends to sue uranium mining company for contaminating well water - Lawsuit against Uranium Energy Corp. is the result of "a number of water wells that have been rendered undrinkable" according to Goliad County attorney - Posted March 3, 2008


U.S. Congresswoman Musgrave urges Larimer County commissioners to oppose Powertech's mine plans - Musgrave seeks to protect ground water for area residents; letter follows similar message to Weld County commissioners last month - Posted February 28, 2008


Uranium mining controversy hits Washington Post, CNN, Baltimore Sun, and international websites - Associated Press story looks at impact on Hedigers' organic wheat farm; Powertech CEO Clements repeats misleading description of ISL as a "closed-system" - Posted February 23, 2008, Updated February 26, 2008


Fort Collins Coloradoan supports HB-1161 - Editorial board endorses provisions to protect water quality - Posted February 22, 2008


HB-1161 passes out of ag committee on 11-2 vote - Amended groundwater protection bill moves on to appropriations committee - Posted February 21, 2008


Greeley Tribune endorses HB-1161 and HB-1165 - Newspaper cites Summitville Superfund site and groundwater contamination in Texas - Posted February 15, 2008


Larimer County Environmental Advisory Board issues uranium mining report - Twenty-page document describes potential risks from in situ leach and open pit mines - Posted February 13, 2008


Powertech executive accuses opponents of spreading inaccurate information - Canadian complains that Coloradans are "not playing fairly" - Posted February 9, 2008, Updated May 16, 2008


Powertech releases quarterly financial statements - Cumulative losses reach $18 mil, cash burn rate increases to $1.5 mil per month, only $5 mil working capital left - Posted February 8, 2008


Aquifer restoration after ISL mining includes injection of hydrogen sulfide gas into groundwater - HIghly toxic chemical used to temporarily immobilize uranium and other heavy metals - Posted February 6, 2008


House Bill 1161 to be amended - Amendments to be heard at tomorrow's committee meeting - Posted February 5, 2008


Russia to sell uranium to U.S. utilities - Commerce Dept. agreement permits Russia to supply 20% of U.S. reactor fuel until 2020 - Posted February 2, 2008


MUSGRAVE REITERATES HER STRONG OPPOSITION TO CENTENNIAL PROJECT - Letter encourages Weld County commissioners to listen to residents and carefully evaluate potential economic and environmental costs - Posted January 31, 2008


POWERTECH STOCK IN FREEFALL - Shares fall below $1.00 US for first time since company switched from water heaters to uranium; investors may not like proposed Colorado mining laws - Posted January 21, 2008, Updated January 25, 2008


Colorado lawmakers introduce bill requiring in situ uranium miners to prove aquifers will be restored to pre-mining conditions - Companion legislation would increase local government control over mining projects and make exploratory drilling activities subject to open records laws - Posted January 16, 2008, Updated January 31, 2008


Powertech stock sets new 52-week low after two day drop of 16% - Shares of penny-stock company down 73% in less than 10 months; still no mining permits, revenues, or earnings to report - Posted January 16, 2008


Powertech CEO Clement's assertion in Denver newspaper editorial contradicted by CSU research paper - Aquifer at in-situ test site near Grover, Colorado left with higher levels of radioactivity and heavy metals - Posted January 5, 2008


Colorado lawmakers speak out on proposed uranium mining - New legislation to address unique risks from in-situ uranium leaching - Posted January 4, 2008


Retraction and clarification of posting regarding financial statement disclosures - Posted January 1, 2008


Uranium mine site less than one mile from potential drinking water reservoir for 200,000 northern Colorado residents - Cactus Hill Reservoir is alternative if proposed Glade Reservoir not approved - Posted December 22, 2007, Updated March 30, 2009


Powertech stock dropping like a rock - Canadian shares down 48% in 45 days; German shares close at under one euro - Posted December 17, 2007


DENY ALL PERMITS - Fort Collins City Council sends unanimous message to EPA, State of Colorado, and Weld County - Citizens, city staff, council members act to protect future of city - Posted December 7, 2007


Fort Collins City Council to consider resolution opposing Powertech's project - Measure states the mines will be "injurious to the health, safety, and/or welfare" of residents and will "do irreparable harm to the economic well-being" of the city - Posted November 30, 2007, Updated December 1, 2007


Powertech releases quarterly financial statements - Company is burning through cash at over $1 mil per month; cash on hand will last less than 10 months at current spending rate without selling more stock - Posted November 22, 2007, Updated November 24, 2007


Doctors' advice: No uranium mining in populated area - Colorado Medical Society board unanimously joins Larimer County Medical Society in opposition to Powertech's proposal - Posted November 20, 2007, Updated November 22, 2007


New York Times contrasts Fort Collins' environmental image with potential for uranium mining - City could change from "Best place to live" in U.S. to "Closest city to an open pit uranium mine"; story also carried by International Herald Tribune, reaching worldwide audience of 21 million - Posted November 19, 2007, Updated November 20, 2007


Powertech posts deceptive promotional signs - Signs don't identify company and use fictitious website name - Posted November 15, 2007, Updated November 25, 2007


SALAZAR TO ROBERTS: SAFEGUARD THE GROUNDWATER - Senator urges EPA Region 8 chief to conduct "an accurate and complete analysis of the risks" posed by Powertech's proposal; requests information on "remediation of aquifer excursions and other types of site contamination caused by ISL mines" - Posted November 15, 2007


LANE DOUGLAS CALLS IT QUITS - Project Manager lasts only 24 weeks; lashes out at opponents, calling them liars in letter to local newspapers - Posted November 7, 2007, Updated November 11, 2007


MUSGRAVE ANNOUNCES OPPOSITION - October 13, 2007 - Congresswoman states intention to help stop proposed project to crowd of 300+ angry landowners and stunned Powertech managers at end of Nunn community meeting; cites population density, groundwater contamination risk, effect on agriculture, and declining property values - October 15, 2007, Updated December 1, 2007


Colorado state legislators to propose new in-situ uranium mining regulations - Lawmakers address rally at capitol building - October 14, 2007


Chairman Wallace Mays unloads 1.76 million shares of Powertech stock - August 18 insider transactions are done privately, not on stock exchange - Posted October 1, 2007


250 people attend town hall meeting in Fort Collins - Opponents explain risks of open pit and leach uranium mining to city residents - Posted September 27, 2007


Researchers document special risk to young children of exposure to uranium in well water - Kidney damage more likely in children who drink uranium-contaminated water - Posted September 17, 2007


Satellite photo of ISL well field shows hundred of wells - Smith Ranch in Wyoming is typical uranium in-situ leaching operation - Posted September 12, 2007


Public relations materials designed to reassure nervous landowners - Posters from Nunn open house available on web for first time - Posted September 10, 2007, Updated November 9, 2007

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www.powertechexposed.com - a defamatory domain name? - Posted November 3, 2007, Updated July 3, 2008


Powertech considers flooding to mine ore bodies above water table - Technique is unproven alternative to open pit mining; uranium stock website says proponents are "daydreaming" - Posted September 5, 2007, Updated February 22, 2007


3,500 old drill holes exist within mining area - Abandoned holes may provide pathways for migration of contaminated water - Posted September 2, 2007


Powertech's Canadian office - Mining uranium or mining the stock market? Search reveals several other penny-stock companies use same address - Updated November 11, 2007

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Powertech management discloses risks to shareholders - Twenty reasons why owning Powertech stock may be a really bad idea - Posted August 26, 2007, Updated January 20, 2008

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Mining opponents hold public meeting in Ault - Nearly 200 residents attend; project manager Douglas declines to address crowd - Posted August  23, 2007


Uranium price drops 14% on excess supply - Spot price hits $90 after reaching $138 in June - Posted August  21, 2007


Powertech spokesman Blubaugh relies on intuition to reassure Weld County water well owners - Posted August 20, 2007, Updated November 14, 2007


Ground water restoration after ISL uranium mining difficult to attain by flushing - U.S. Bureau of Mines research paper cites inability to completely restore aquifers at 5 mines in Texas and Wyoming - Posted August 19, 2007


POWERTECH STOCK: DOWN, DOWN, DOWN - PWE's slide leaves it a penny above 52-week low at $1.45 CAD - P8A.F drops 18% in one day to 0.90 euros; blows through previous 52-week low - Respected investment advisor debunks uranium bull market hype - Posted August 16, 2007


Old and abandoned wells provide pathways for migration of uranium solution into underground sources of drinking water - EPA-commissioned report reveals uncertainties in defining "zone of endangering influence" from ISL wells - Posted August 15, 2007


Blubaugh accuses powertechexposed.com webmaster of intentionally disseminating false, misleading, or defamatory information - VP claims solution mining, permitting, and regulations are misunderstood - Posted August 12, 2007, Updated August 14, 2007


Twenty-three well permits obtained by Powertech - Posted August 11, 2007, Updated August 14, 2007


Powertech's stock price drops below $2.00 CAD for first time since December 5, 2006 - Extremely speculative and volatile security falls deeper into penny stock territory - Posted August 9, 2007


Project Mgr Lane Douglas steps up efforts to buy out landowners - Ten parcels totaling 671 acres purchased since March 8, 2007 - Posted August 5, 2007


Powertech contractor leaves open, unprotected well casings next to county road right-of-ways for several days - Colorado water well regulations require capped wells while water wells for mining are exempt - Updated November 1, 2007

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Powertech releases FY2007 financial statements: No operating revenue, $4.9 mil loss for year, accumulated losses of $15.8 mil, $17.8 mil of common stock sold - Company discloses uncertainty whether its uranium reserves are "economically recoverable"


An Environmental Critique of In Situ Leach Mining: The Case Against Uranium Solution Mining - 1998 - Selected excerpts and full 144-page report)


Powertech VIPs and PR hired guns hold "open house" at Nunn Town Hall 

(News stories, press release, and photo of public relations team)


CEO Clement flip-flops on open-pit mining question - Powertech downplays possibility of "rip and strip" mining near Fort Collins


Colorado mining officials approve secret plan to drill 23 exploratory wells in Weld County - Powertech refuses request to waive confidentiality - Updated October 24, 2007

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Clement touts superior communication and public relations skills - Posted July 2007


Colorado regulators refuse to release records of private meeting to discuss "regulatory scheme" for uranium mining - Public to have no input prior to final decisions on regulatory framework - Posted June 2007, Updated October 25, 2007

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Open-pit uranium mining likely for area six miles northeast of Fort Collins city limits

75% of potential open-pit properties are within proposed growth management area of Town of Nunn - Updated October 28, 2007

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Powertechexposed.com webmaster accused of deception by president of Denver public relations firm - Disagreement is over plans for open pit mining