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Texas county intends to sue uranium mining company for contaminating well water

Lawsuit against Uranium Energy Corp. is the result of "a number of water wells that have been rendered undrinkable" according to Goliad County attorney

Posted March 3, 2008



UEC drilling rigs - Goliad County, Texas (2007)




Victoria, Texas


Goliad Co. threatens to sue uranium company



GOLIAD – Goliad County plans to sue a uranium company for contaminating drinking water.


Attorney Jim Blackburn mailed a notice of intent to sue Uranium Energy Corp. It went to the company as well as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday. The county plans to sue under the Safe Drinking Water Act in federal court in Victoria.


“There are a number of water wells that have been rendered undrinkable,” Blackburn, of Blackburn Carter in Houston, said. “The notice claims there was illegal underground injection occurring.”


The notice states that wells in the Evangeline Aquifer were contaminated after the uranium company began drilling test holes and extracting samples. It continues to state that boreholes weren’t plugged and allowed storm water flowing over land to enter the aquifer.

The lawsuit is part of a larger intent to protect the aquifer, Blackburn said. Blackburn must wait 60 days before filing the lawsuit under federal statute. Blackburn plans to file other claims next week.


“Any lawsuit filed regarding Uranium Energy Corp’s exploration activities is completely without merit and will be vigorously defended by the company,”according to a statement released by the uranium company. The state agency already thoroughly investigated the county’s complaint under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the release stated. The company plans to fully comply with the state regulatory process and continue to get the necessary authorizations for its project in Goliad County.


Goliad County Commissioners Court authorized the suit during its February meeting.


Tara Bozick is a reporter for the Advocate. Contact her at 361-580-6504 or tbozick@vicad.com.



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