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Blubaugh accuses powertechexposed.com webmaster of intentionally disseminating false, misleading, or defamatory information

VP claims solution mining, permitting, and regulations are misunderstood

Posted August 12, 2007, Updated August 14, 2007



In a July 18 letter to me from Richard Blubaugh, Powertech's Vice-President of Environmental Health & Safety Resources, Mr. Blubaugh expresses his displeasure with the content of this website by accusing me of lying and defamation, and claiming I don't understand

in-situ leach mining and related regulations and permitting requirements.  Below I address his charges:


Blubaugh:  "It is clear from the information published on www.powertechexposed.com that you may not know or
may misunderstand many important facts related to ISR, its permitting processes and the applicable regulatory


JW:  Mr. Blubaugh fails to mention which facts I may misunderstand, so I am unable to respond to his claim.


Blubaugh:  "Intentionally disseminating false, misleading or defamatory information will accomplish nothing meaningful, and will only serve to undermine your credibility."


JW:  Once again, Mr. Blubaugh does not specify which information on the site is false, misleading, or defamatory. 


Blubaugh:  "Powertech (USA) Inc. will address all continued inaccuracies swiftly and appropriately."


JW:  If I have inaccurate information on the site, I welcome corrections from Mr. Blubaugh.  He has had my email address and phone number since late May.  Since no such corrections have been forthcoming, I must assume that my information is accurate or that Mr. Blubaugh is simply unwilling to engage in an honest discussion of the issues. 






Richard E. Blubaugh
Vice President Environmental
Health & Safety Resources

July 18, 2007

Jim Woodward
xxxxx Weld County Rd. 15
Wellington, CO 80549

E-mailed to jbw@frii.com


Dear Mr. Woodward:

As you are aware, Powertech (USA) Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of Powertech Uranium Corp., is in the
process of collecting preliminary environmental baseline data for its proposed in-situ recovery (ISR) operation
in Weld County, Colorado. In fact, last month, the company received Colorado Division of Reclamation and
Mining Safety approval to proceed with the drilling of 23 additional monitoring wells for the Centennial Project.
Drilling commenced July 16, 2007.

Our Colorado-based team would like to personally extend an invitation to you, to attend an open house to meet
the team, get factual details and information on ISR and ask questions. The meeting will take place in the
Nunn Town Hall on Thursday, July 19, from 4:00 PM to 7:30PM. We believe the information made available at
this meeting would be helpful to you and the community at large in understanding accurately what the project
entails. It is clear from the information published on www.powertechexposed.com. that you may not know or
may misunderstand many important facts related to ISR, its permitting processes and the applicable regulatory
requirements. We hope and expect that this meeting will provide a base of knowledge that will ensure the
availability and use of accurate information about the ISR project in the future.

Powertech and its team will at all times strive to provide relevant and accurate factual information in its public
meetings and on its Web site. We also have established a toll-free telephone number to offer public information
and to respond to community questions In that context we encourage questions from members of the
community to ensure they have the opportunity at all times to be well informed and to receive accurate
information about the process (please see details below). In addition, information generated by the company
will be closely examined by government regulators during the required public permitting processes. Regulatory
agencies that require ISR permit applications include, among others, the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Colorado Department of Natural
Resources and the Weld County Commissioners and planning authorities. Members of the public also will
have formal notice and comment opportunities as the process moves forward.

We recognize your individual rights to disagree with Powertech's proposal and its plans for the ISR in Weld
County. We understand as well that there will be, as there should be, continued open discussion on the topic
as Powertech's proposal moves toward its permitting phase. We welcome open and accurate debate on the
matter but request at all times that any discussion in public, online and in print remain factual and truthful.

Intentionally disseminating false, misleading or defamatory information will accomplish nothing meaningful, and
will only serve to undermine your credibility.

Powertech (USA) Inc. will address all continued inaccuracies swiftly and appropriately. In the interim, we look
forward to the July 19 open house and informational meeting in Nunn, and hope to see you in person at that

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


Richard Blubaugh,
VP Environmental Health and Safety Resources

For more information on the company and its projects, please visit the Powertech Web site at
www.powertechuranium.com. Questions may be directed to 303-898-4240 or toll free 1-877-798-4240.
Messages left will receive a response within 24 hours, Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MDT.





From: Jim Woodward [mailto:jbw@frii.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 10:21 PM
To: 'Richard Blubaugh'
Cc: 'Kristy Bassuener'; 'Pete Webb'; 'Lane Douglas'
Subject: RE: Powertechexposed.com Information


August 14, 2007


Richard E. Blubaugh

Vice President - EH&S Resources

Powertech (USA) Inc.

6200 S. Troy Circle, Suite 150

Centennial, CO 80111


Subject:  July 18 letter regarding powertechexposed.com website


Dear Mr. Blubaugh:


Thank you for your July 18 letter inviting me to the Nunn open house held by Powertech.  You suggest in your letter that I have posted factually inaccurate information on my website.  Would you please let me know which specific information is inaccurate?  I would like to correct or delete any erroneous information, and I welcome your input.




James B. Woodward

P.O. Box 599

Wellington, Colorado 80549

Phone: 970-897-3029

Fax: 970-897-3021

Email: jbw@frii.com





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