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CEO Clement touts superior communication and public relations skills

Posted July 2007



Richard Clement - CEO, Powertech Uranium Corp.




"Powertech was able to acquire these properties partially through our bid, of course, but partially through the acknowledge (sic) of our expertise in exploration and development and our ability to communicate and deal with communities in the area in order to develop the properties with the least amount of problems."  Richard Clement, CEO - February 13, 2007 interview with stockinterview.com, a website on uranium mining for investors. 


Powertech has held a grand total of one public meeting on the project since it was announced on October 3, 2006, and the meeting did not include a presentation by Clement or anyone else associated with the company.


As of April 16, 2007, Richard Clement owned or controlled 8.5% of the common stock of Powertech Uranium Corp.





Powertech VIPs and PR hired guns hold "open house" at Nunn Town Hall

(News stories, press release, and photo of public relations team)

Updated August 11, 2007