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WHISTLEBLOWER:  Former Texas ISL wellfield operator speaks out

Did Powertech CEO Richard Clement's former employer violate environmental laws and endanger groundwater users?

Posted September 8, 2009, Updated September 9, 2009 

(Thanks to G. Harman and M. Krueger)


Roland Burrow worked as a wellfield operator for Uranium Resources, Inc., outside Kingsville, Texas a decade ago. He says the company at the time was regularly flushing high volumes of water into the mine field that would have expanded groundwater pollution beyond its permitted area, posing a potential future risk to the residents of Kingsville.

He claims also to have witnessed the falsification of monitoring-well data, which must be regularly submitted to the state to show the contaminated water is contained at the mine site. He tried unsuccessfully to get the TNRCC (now the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and FBI involved, and was fired in 1996. He moved a couple counties over, but now a URI offshoot wants to mine in his backyard, and he's decided to fight. 

Powertech CEO Richard Clement was an executive of Uranium Resources, Inc. for 16 years from 1983 to 1999.

Watch the six minute video on YouTube Read the story.