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Denver Post supports passage of HB-1161

Bill will "ensure that the water supplies vital to agriculture and municipal use aren't sacrificed in a new mining boom"

Posted March 22, 2008



The Denver Post editorial board has endorsed the amended version of House Bill 1161, due for consideration by the full House on Monday.  HB-1161 passed the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources Committee on an 11-2 vote, and the House Appropriations Committee voted 10-2 to approve the bill.  Both the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Greeley Tribune have come out in favor of HB-1161.  The bill has also been endorsed by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.  It is opposed by Powertech Uranium Corp. and the Colorado Mining Association.


My page on HB-1161 and HB-1165 can be found here, and includes the current full text of both bills and related news stories.


Read the story here:


New, improved uranium mining - Denver Post Editorial Board

Denver Post - March 20, 2008