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Doctors' advice: No uranium mining in populated area

Colorado Medical Society board unanimously joins Larimer County Medical Society in opposition to Powertech's proposal

Posted November 20, 2007, Updated November 22, 2007



Note: More than 6,800 physicians are members of the Colorado Medical Society.



Northern Colorado Business Report

Colorado Medical Society opposes uranium mining

By Staff

November 20, 2007 -- The Larimer County Medical Society is receiving support from the Colorado Medical Society board in its opposition to proposed uranium mining in Weld County, near Nunn.

The CMS board of directors unanimously approved an action on Nov. 16 to affirm support for the LCMS's position against the issuance of a mining permit for the Centennial Project. The groups' opposition to the in-situ mining operation is based on "the potential risks it poses to the health of residents," according to the approved action.

The CMS had two committees review the resolution submitted by the LCMS during October and November. The issue was debated for as much as four hours, and testimony was given by members of the Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction, the LCMS, Powertech representatives and the president of the Colorado Mining Association.

"I fully anticipated support and recognize the initial unwillingness to support our resolution since the uranium mining controversy has not been publicized outside of Larimer and Weld counties," said Cory Carroll, M.D., president of the LCMS and the author of the resolution. "We decided to bring this issue to the public's attention because we felt that there was only one true rational conclusion; uranium mining has inherent dangers and those risks are not acceptable for the citizens of Nunn, Fort Collins and countless others communities that use the aquifer."

The LCMS may attempt to gain support for the resolution from the American Medical Association, Carroll added.



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