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Proposed Dewey-Burdock In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining Project

Updated June 27, 2013

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POWERTECHEXPOSED.COM STORIES & POSTINGS (related to Dewey-Burdock and in-situ leach uranium mining)

Blast from the Past: Fear of radiation "is all a bunch of BS" - Posted September 24, 2010

Texas uranium mining experts admit that groundwater cannot be returned to baseline after exploration and mining - Uranium Energy Corp. vice president and consultant testify under oath that failure to restore uranium levels in aquifers to baseline is common practice; UEC's chief operating officer concedes that "they've known for a long time that you can't return it back" to baseline - May 4, 2010

OGLALA SIOUX TRIBE AND ATTORNEY PARSONS CONFRONT POWERTECH IN SOUTH DAKOTA - Tribe's petition to intervene in NRC proceeding cites environmental failures of in-situ leach uranium mining and obsolete regulations - Posted April 15, 2010

REJECTED OR ACCEPTED?  Powertech spins problems with Dewey-Burdock - Posted October 10, 2009

U.S NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION: In-situ leach uranium mining affects groundwater quality when leaching solutions travel beyond well field boundaries - Recent NRC document describes horizontal and vertical excursions at ISL mines in Wyoming and Nebraska, some lasting for as long as 8 years - Posted September 13, 2009

WHISTLEBLOWER:  Former Texas ISL wellfield operator speaks out - Did Powertech CEO Richard Clement's former employer violate environmental laws and endanger groundwater users?  Posted September 8, 2009, Updated September 9, 2009

Nuclear Regulatory Commission identifies deficiencies in Dewey-Burdock license application - Posted June 14, 2009

Report on Powertech's application to the EPA for an underground injection control permit for the Dewey-Burdock Project - Posted February 23, 2009

U.S. Dept. of Energy plans to sell 50 million pounds of excess uranium in next ten years - Yearly sales to exceed total amount of uranium mined in U.S. in 2007; political "full-court press" by uranium mining industry fails to stop DOE action; Powertech backs group opposed to DOE plans, touts U.S energy independence while agreeing to sell uranium to Belgian firm; Powertech chairman contracts to sell uranium to government of India - Posted January 7, 2009

Powertech pays brother-in-law of South Dakota governor to promote Dewey Burdock ISL uranium mine - Governor Mike Rounds claims he didn't know - Posted December 7, 2008

Report by hydrogeologist finds Texas in-situ uranium mines have been unable to restore ground water aquifers to premining water quality - State regulators routinely approve leaving higher uranium levels in ground water; author questions mine operators' scientific understanding of aquifers - Posted October 24, 2008, Updated March 30, 2009

"Most comprehensive report ever compiled" on ISL uranium mine restoration shows water is worse than before mining started at most mines - Texas County sues mining company over threat to ground water; county attorney claims baseline water testing is faulty - Posted September 23, 2008

Texas in-situ leach uranium mines failed to restore ground water to premining condition - Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission agendas from 1990s reveal that relaxing water cleanup standards is routine - Posted September 7, 2008

After in-situ uranium leaching, ground water cannot be returned to the way it was - Nuclear Regulatory Commission official and uranium mining executive acknowledge restoration of aquifer to baseline is unachievable - Posted September 3, 2008

Powertech VP Richard Blubaugh's experience with water contamination from uranium milling - The Atlas tailings pile saga - Updated May 17, 2008 \

Navajo President to U.S. Congress: Navajo Nation will not allow in situ uranium leach mining on tribal land - "The science on this process is, at best, inconclusive, and, at worst, points to increased radioactive contaminants in the groundwater after the mining operations cease." - Posted April 1, 2008

"Model" Wyoming in situ uranium mining operation cited for multiple permit violations - Cameco Corporation, a Canadian company, is world's largest uranium producer; Wyoming regulators note "inordinate number of spills, leaks and other releases", "low level of corporate commitment" to environmental issues, and "groundwater restoration not a high priority" - Posted March 27, 2008, Updated March 29, 2008

South Dakota water regulators move to tighten regulations for in situ leach mining - Revisions are in response to Powertech's plans to mine in Black Hills - Posted March 13, 2008

Texas county intends to sue uranium mining company for contaminating well water - Lawsuit against Uranium Energy Corp. is the result of "a number of water wells that have been rendered undrinkable" according to Goliad County attorney - Posted March 3, 2008

Powertech executive accuses opponents of spreading inaccurate information - Canadian complains that Coloradans are "not playing fairly" - Posted February 9, 2008, Updated May 16, 2008

Aquifer restoration after ISL mining includes injection of hydrogen sulfide gas into groundwater - Highly toxic chemical used to temporarily immobilize uranium and other heavy metals - Posted February 6, 2008

Doctors' advice: No uranium mining in populated area - Colorado Medical Society board unanimously joins Larimer County Medical Society in opposition to Powertech's proposal - Posted November 20, 2007, Updated November 22, 2007

Powertech posts deceptive promotional signs - Signs don't identify company and use fictitious website name - Posted November 15, 2007, Updated November 25, 2007

SALAZAR TO ROBERTS: SAFEGUARD THE GROUNDWATER - Senator urges EPA Region 8 chief to conduct "an accurate and complete analysis of the risks" posed by Powertech's proposal; requests information on "remediation of aquifer excursions and other types of site contamination caused by ISL mines" - Posted November 15, 2007

Researchers document special risk to young children of exposure to uranium in well water - Kidney damage more likely in children who drink uranium-contaminated water - Posted September 17, 2007

Satellite photo of ISL well field shows hundred of wells - Smith Ranch in Wyoming is typical uranium in-situ leaching operation - Posted September 12, 2007

Powertech spokesman Blubaugh relies on intuition to reassure Weld County water well owners - Posted August 20, 2007, Updated November 14, 2007

Ground water restoration after ISL uranium mining difficult to attain by flushing - U.S. Bureau of Mines research paper cites inability to completely restore aquifers at 5 mines in Texas and Wyoming - Posted August 19, 2007

Old and abandoned wells provide pathways for migration of uranium solution into underground sources of drinking water - EPA-commissioned report reveals uncertainties in defining "zone of endangering influence" from ISL wells - Posted August 15, 2007

An Environmental Critique of In Situ Leach Mining: The Case Against Uranium Solution Mining - 1998 - Selected excerpts and full 144-page report)