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Underground Injection Control Permit Application for Class V Disposal Wells - Dewey-Burdock Uranium Project - Powertech (USA), Inc. - March 2010

Posted September 15, 2010



The Nuclear Regulatory Commission posted the full application to its ADAMS site on September 13, 2010.  The NRC posted the application as two very large files (50 MB and 25 MB), thus limiting the application's accessibility to many internet users.  I have broken the file into 17 smaller files.  One of the files containing maps is still 36 MB and will be broken down into smaller files upon request.  JW



Cover page, TOC, tables, figures, appendices, permit forms (PDF 310 KB, 10 pages)

1.0 Permit application and introduction, site location map (PDF 3,057 KB, 5 pages)

2.0 USEPA permit application attachments (PDF 8,391 KB, 25 pages)

2.B Maps of wells in area and area of review (PDF 12,834 KB, 9 pages)

2.C Corrective action plan and well data (PDF 144 KB, 5 pages)

2.D Maps and cross sections of USDWs (PDF 36,419 KB, 31 pages)

2.E and 2.F Maps and cross sections of geologic structure (PDF 9,493 KB, 15 pages)

2.G and 2.H Operating data (PDF 211 KB, 7 pages)

2.I Formation testing program and 2.J Stimulation program (PDF 151 KB, 3 pages)

2.K Injection procedures and 2.L Construction procedures (PDF 464 KB, 10 pages)

2.M Construction details and 2.N (PDF 361 KB, 9 pages)

2.O Plans for well failures and 2.P Monitoring program (PDF 254 KB, 5 pages)

2.Q Plugging and abandonment plan and 2.R Necessary resources (PDF 477 KB, 10 pages)

2.S Aquifer exemptions and 2.T Existing EPA permits (PDF 48 KB, 3 pages)

2.U Description of business and References (PDF 116 KB, 3 pages)

Waste analysis plan (PDF 385 KB, 11 KB)

Permit application appendices (PDF 1,658 KB, 18 pages)