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Updated October 16, 2009



"Located just 10 miles from the booming college town of Fort Collins, the proposed Centennial mine is unusual for a North American uranium project in that it’s close to a population center. Most of the mines worked in the 1950s and ‘60s were in southwestern Colorado, a region of mesas, deep river canyons, and few people." from "The Uranium Boom Hits Western U.S." by Richard Martin, energytribune.com, May 19, 2008.  Energy Tribune is a website providing news and analysis to investors in energy stocks.
Posted May 26, 2008

“In the 39 years I have lived in Fort Collins, I can’t recall a proposed project that could offer the region so little in economic gain with so much potential risk to the environment and our quality of life,” said Lloyd Drust, organizer of the March 2, 2008 "No Glow" concert in Fort Collins.  “I felt the best way I could help was to stage a benefit concert to raise funds in support of opposition to uranium mining in northern Colorado.  Every musician I approached was more than willing to donate their time and talents for this benefit.”

Source: CARD new release
Posted March 8, 2008

"How do you farm organically next to a uranium mine?"

-- Jean Hediger, an organic wheat farmer 70 miles north of Denver, expressing her dismay over plans by Powertech Uranium to establish a mine across a two-lane country road from her farm.

Source: washingtonpost.com

Posted February 24, 2008

In comments published in the Daily Times of Farmington, New Mexico on May 12, 1996, Hydro Resources Inc. President Richard Clement was quoted as saying that opposition among Navajos to the company's Crownpoint ISL uranium project was driven by "small- town petty jealousies of those people who are going to get royalties. What we're dealing with here is ignorance and jealousy."  Clement is the current CEO of Powertech Uranium Corp.  At the time he made the statements he had never met the leader of the opposition, Mitchell Capitan, a former laboratory technician at a pilot-scale ISL mine operated by Mobil Corporation, according to a story by the Southwest Research and Information Center. 

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Posted January 18, 2008

“Powertech has yet to tell anybody ‘here’s how we’re going to protect your water' or 'here's how we’re going to warn you if something goes wrong,’ And they never mention how they are going to compensate loss of value to your real estate if they pollute or poison your water. They just don’t address it.”  

Al Schorre, Weld County landowner, at January 2, 2008 Rotary Club luncheon in Fort Collins following presentation by Dick Blubaugh and Jim Bonner of Powertech and Lilias Jarding of C.A.R.D. (full story)

Posted January 2, 2008