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Editorials & letters to the editor - Centennial Project

Updated September 10, 2011



Letter to the editor by Jim Vassallo, Fort Collins, CO, published in the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper - November 12, 2010 (PDF 12 KB, 1 page)


"In-situ mining remediation not as reliable as you think" by Howard Williams, Greeley Tribune - May 21, 2009  Note: Mr. Williams gives an overview of the 2008 report by hydrogeologist Bruce Darling on 27 Texas in-situ leach uranium mines where groundwater restoration standards were relaxed by Texas environmental officials after mine operators were unable to return elevated levels of uranium and other heavy metals back to baseline pre-mining levels.  As Williams points out, five of these mines are cited on Powertech's website as examples of ISL operations that successfully cleaned up the aquifers.  For a posting on Dr. Darling's report and Powertech's claims, go here.


"Best propaganda may determine uranium debate" by Erik Rush, Fort Collins Coloradoan - May 20, 2009 Note: Mr. Rush, a conservative, discusses the fact that many conservatives, including farmers, ranchers, and hunters, are concerned about the environment.  He does not take a position on the Centennial Project and expresses skepticism about the information coming from both Powertech and project opponents.


"Powertech fails to answer question" by John Dixon - Fort Collins Coloradoan - April 30, 2009  Note: The writer accuses Powertech CEO Richard Clement of dodging the following question asked during a forum on uranium mining held at Fort Collins City Hall on April 23, 2009: What guarantees can Powertech provide the people of Northern Colorado that their groundwater and environment would not be contaminated by Powertech's proposed in-situ leach mining of uranium within the aquifer in Weld County?


Do the research: Uranium doesn't solve problem - Lilias Jarding

Fort Collins Coloradoan - September 4, 2008 


Nuclear talk electrifying - Mike Fox

Fort Collins Coloradoan - August 21, 2008 


Thanks, Fischer, for protecting us - Philip Friedman

Fort Collins Coloradoan - July 29, 2008 


Local lawmakers bring better approach to Capitol - Editorial Board

Fort Collins Coloradoan - May 11, 2008 


An open letter to Rep. Marostica on mining - Alexis Hmielak

Greeley Tribune - April 26, 2008 


School of Mines - Art Montana
Rocky Mountain Chronicle - April 24, 2008 


Why no, why now on mine - Pam Shaddock
Greeley Tribune - April 17, 2008 


Stop uranium mine - Betty Primer

Fort Collins Coloradoan - March 22, 2008 


New, improved uranium mining - Denver Post Editorial Board

Denver Post - March 20, 2008 


Uranium a bad idea -

Fort Collins Coloradoan - March 18, 2008 


Water is a gift - Randy King

Fort Collins Coloradoan - March 13, 2008 

Uranium mining bill should pass - HB1161 addresses accountability, need for information
Fort Collins Coloradoan - February 22, 2008 


Rocky fails to see in-situ mining threat - Teresa Foster

Rocky Mountain News - February 19, 2008 


Does it flow like a river or not? - Kris Hungenberg

Greeley Tribune - February 17, 2008 


Mining protections are necessary - Tribune Opinion
Greeley Tribune - February 10, 2008 


Uranium mining, Powetech lack believability, integrity - Jeff Dunn

Greeley Tribune - February 10, 2008 


Uranium mining a danger to northern Colorado - John S. Dixon

Rocky Mountain News - February 5, 2008 (pdf)


Uranium mining too close for comfort - John S. Dixon

Rocky Mountain News - February 4, 2008


Mining, over and out - (anonymous members of the editorial board)

Rocky Mountain News - January 28, 2008


Give locals say-so on mining operations - Jackie Adolph

Rocky Mountain News - January 24, 2008


Should we bear the risks of uranium mining? - John S. Dixon

Greeley Tribune - January 23, 2008

Responsible Uranium Mining - Teresa Foster

Boulder Daily Camera - January 22, 2008


Powertech using 'attack' language - Jeff Dunn

Greeley Tribune - December 27, 2007


Vote against uranium mine a state first - Gary Wockner & Becky Long

Rocky Mountain News - December 19, 2007


Uranium in Weld County? - Paul James Poppe

The Fence Post - December 10, 2007