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Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction (CARD)


Updated October 5, 2008



CARD is the oldest and largest citizens' organization formed to oppose Powertech Uranium Corp.'s Centennial/Indian Springs project.  Established in the living rooms of landowners in the mining area, CARD has grown into a highly-organized group with numerous committees and a large membership of working volunteers.  Perhaps its most successful project is the website www.nunnglow.com


CARD has sponsored educational "town hall" meetings in Nunn, Wellington, Ault, Greeley, Fort Collins, and Windsor.  The meetings have drawn large crowds, and include detailed Powerpoint presentations given by PhDs, medical doctors, and others.


Below are selected links to information on CARD's website:


Oct. 5, 2008 CARD newsletter (pdf - not on website)


Ways That You Can Help Stop the Mining


Local and regional news stories


Editorials and letters to the editor


Articles by CARD members


Online petition


Contact information for members of Congress, Governor Ritter, state senators and representatives, and county commissioners and staff


CARD Newsletters


10/16/07 CARD newsletter (pdf - not on website)


Home page - www.nunnglow.com